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Hello World, I'm a web developer in Nashville, TN. I enjoy learning about new technologies and languages. I strive to keep up to date with the constantly changing world of web development. Passionate about open source, programming fundamentals, and modular, reusable code. I also have an ever growing interest in code and how it relates to the physical world, and linear algebra.

While frameworks and libraries are helpful, I prefer to view things on a lower level and figure out how they actually work. Allowing me to implement custom solutions when the problem doesn't fit into a standard, generic box.

I also enjoy creating art, music, and design. A lover of animation, Japanese block printing, and the Japanese language (日本語が好きです). Currently, I have a growing love for synthesizers and electronics. I like taking things apart to see how they work and building new things. Also, robots!

Cross River

Senior Software Engineer

March 2022 — October 2023


Worked as a senior software engineer on various banking and fin-tech products. Design and produce various projects and maintained existing projects using React and FeathersJS. This included various other related tasks including devops and package management with Docker and Github. I was asked to come on to Cross River full time through my consultant work with Afterman.

Afterman Software

Consultant (Senior Software Developer)

April 2021 — March 2022


Worked as a software developer consultant. Conducted interviews for new consultants. Provide services for clients on software projects. Left Afterman to go full time with the Cross River client.


Software Developer

March 2016 — December 2019


A division of HCA/Healthtrust. Build and maintain software for the healthcare industry. Lead in rebuilding the platform with up to date technology, community standards, and better maintainability. Assist in teaching other developers about the newest language features, tools, libraries, and patterns. Help to lead an effort that reduced our currently codebase to 1/4 the size while making it more maintainable, more stable, more flexible, and greatly improving user experience.

Phase 3

Full Stack Web Developer

December 2014 — March 2016

Nashville, Atlanta, Dallas, Charleston, Charlotte

iDesign acquired by Phase 3 Marketing & Communications. Work together with a small team to create full custom solutions for clients. Manage and develop fast paced, deadline intensive projects.

iDesign Inc.

Full Stack Web Developer

April 2014 — December 2014


Develop and maintain custom websites and applications. Help develop and maintain custom CMS and frameworks. Build and configure tools for internal developer use. Integrate sites with third party APIs. Write and maintain documentation, manage projects with git, and help other developers on the team.


Web Developer

March 2014 — April 2014


Develop client websites using wordpress. Build custom wordpress functionality and plugins. Refactor legacy projects.

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • jQuery
  • HTML5 / CSS3
  • Wordpress

Global Alliance For Arts & Health


November 2013 — December 2013


Consulting for Wordpress, custom script to transfer data from old system to new site

The Funky Umbrella

Web Developer Intern

May 2012 — September 2012


  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • javascript / jQuery
  • Wordpress
  • RealTracs / RETS

Square Cook

Backend Developement / Freelance

various 2011 — 2014


Consultation, guidance, pair programming, teaching PHP, Javascript, MySQL



various projects

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Watkins College of Art, Design & Film

Graphic Design / Web Development

2010 — 2014